Review procedure

Review procedure

1. All texts sent to the editorial staff will be subject to the review procedure; the fact of sending the text constitutes the author's consent to review rules accepted by the editorial staff.  

2. Preliminary review, including formal and thematic evaluation, is conducted by the editorial staff. 

3. After the editorial staff's preliminary acceptance, for each publication, there are at least two independent reviewers appointed who are from outside the workplace of the author.    

4. The reviewing process is conducted according to double-blind review model – neither authors nor reviewers know each other's identity; in case this principle cannot be used, the reviewers signs the declaration of no conflicts of interest to disclose (the conflicts are present when there are direct personal relations between an author and a reviewer [family relationship, legal relationship, dispute], professional dependence, direct scientific cooperation within two years prior to the reviewing process).

5. Review is in a written form and it includes a definite conclusion on whether the article will be published or rejected.

6. The author of the text is informed on the results of the review – without disclosing the reviewer's name.

7. The final decision on accepting the text for publication is made by the editor-in-chief of the journal.

8. Names of reviewers of particular publications are not disclosed; the journal publishes a list of cooperating reviewers once a year on its website.