1/29 (2012)

Lucyna Dziaczkowska - Z dyskusji o istocie, potrzebie i granicach podmiotowości uczestników rzeczywistości wychowawczej

From the Discussion about Substance, Necessity and Limits of Subjectivity of Educational Reality Participants

The author of this article presents dramaturgy of discussion about subjectivity that takes place in theoretic reflection on educational reality. The intention of presented reflection is to show the importance of research on this subject to the educational experience. Exceptional practical values coming from analysis of the above mentioned subject lie in the pedagogical comprehension of subjectivity. However, in actually practiced Pedagogy it is easy to be trapped in many ways of false understanding of subjectivity and of conducting a discourse about it. This article is an attempt to indicate some of those traps. The final part of reflection includes a thought that the dynamism of educational reality demands a constant repeating of questions (and searching for answers) about the substance, necessity and limits of subjectivity of educational reality participants.

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