2/30 (2012)

Anita Rodkiewicz-Ryżek, Jacek Błeszyński - Ochrona praw dziecka w świetle standardów polskich i międzynarodowych

Protection of Children’s Rights in View of Polish and International Standards

This article deals with the protection of children's rights in view of Polish and international standards. The issue is discussed with reference to a number of signed and ratified international conventions and treaties. The article presents the evolution of law towards the protection of life and children's rights. The terms “children's rights” and “human rights” are referenced as concepts that are widely used and that have a varied context of meaning. The article analyses protection of children's rights in: legislation of general nature, standards of special nature, as well as Polish and European standards concerning the protection of children from violence. The authors of the article try to present the protection of children from violence. They also mention such abuse-related emotions as shame, helplessness and guilt, which often make the victims scared to reveal the harm that they suffered from adults in their childhood. They emphasize that in recent years there have been an increase in legislative action taken in order to prevent violence and to fight against its perpetrators, e.g. through prevention, intervention programs aimed at developing the knowledge and skills of parents, an extensive network of support for victims, as well as actions taken in order to change the normative and social standards concerning the upbringing and education of children.

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