Zeszyt 1/45 (2020)

Julian Stern, Małgorzata Wałejko - Editorial 5

Being Alone Together in Education

Christophe Perrin - Some Notes on the Phenomenon of Solitude 11
Piotr Domeracki - Three Rival Versions of a Correlation Between Solitude and Communitiveness in a Monoseological Discourse 23
Richard Cleveland - Aware I Am Alone: Intersections of Solitude and Mindfulness 37
Teresa Olearczyk - Silence and Human Development 53
Katarzyna Wrońska - The Praise of Self-Instruction in the 21st Century – against a Background of Selected Concepts of Self-Education in Poland during the Partitions and Interwar Period 65
Barbara Chojnacka - The Loneliness and Isolation of the Parentified Child in the Family 83
Sandra Bosacki - Silence, Solitude and Social Cognition in Adolescence: Implications for Research and Education 101
Catherine Heinemeyer - Figures on a Windswept Shore: The Interplay of Aloneness and Communitas in Oral Storytelling 123
Joanna Król - Loneliness in the Collective: Youth in the Socio-Educational Sphere in Poland 1948–1989 137
Gillian Simpson - In Community, Alone, in Community: Towards an Understanding of Christian Faith for the Post-Enlightenment, Post-Evangelical, Post-1960s Revolution Generation 149
Magdalena Leszko, Rafał Iwański, Beata Bugajska - Prisoners of Care: The experience of Loneliness among Caregivers of Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease 171
Piotr Krakowiak - The Loneliness of Home Care Family Caregivers in Poland. Inspirations from Carers UK regarding Social Education for their Inclusion and Support 185
Aneta Jarzębińska - Prisoners’ Alienation and Lack of Contact with Relatives 201
Olga Szynkaruk - The Exile’s Lament. Solitude and Togetherness in Ovid’s Later Works 217
Aleksander Cywiński - Solitude of the United Kingdom towards Europe – Notes from my Diary 225

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